Child Birth Education

Gentle Voice Prenatal Support

My name is Amanda Johnson, and I am a Hypno-Mom to three little boys living in Readyville, TN.  In 2012, while I was pregnant with our first son, I found a childbirth education course called Hypnobabies.  At the end of 6 weeks, I was amazed at the amount of knowledge I had acquired, the medical grade hypnoanesthesia techniques I had learned, and the way my husband and I both felt supported, calm, and confident about the upcoming birth.  As a result, all of my natural, unmedicated births were extremely comfortable and joyous.  I knew I wanted to share my experience with other mothers.  I had to let them know just how amazing and empowering birth can be with the right kind of support.  
In 2016, I completed my training and certification as a Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis Instructor and Hypno-Doula.  I have a trained background in childbirth education and hypnosis.  With these qualifications behind me, I hope to bring knowledge and support to the women in my area of middle Tennessee – Readyville, Murfreesboro, Woodbury, McMinnville, and further – in conception, pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

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