3,392,914 Labor Positions

By Jessica Cortez:

One of the 3,392,914 positions I labored in! Okay, realistically, one of the 6 or 7! I love pictures that tell a story and these most definitely do! My labor went well; I labored on my own before my midwife Tanya got to me and I was already 7cm when she got there. I was “talking and rocking” as Tanya says and I was just chatting and joking with Tanya and Alexis-Faith up until 10cm.

The pushing for this home birth was quite intense and lasted about 2hrs, which is quite a long time to be trying to push out a baby, especially on 48hrs of no sleep! Take my word for it 😂 Come to find out, the pushing was more difficult and intense due to Ramona being sunny side up (face up)! One of the  photos was probably 1hr into pushing and in between contractions. It was the squatting position we did. My husband Brandon behind me to lift me into each squat when a contraction would come on.

Ms. Joanne came by for the pushing and to lend a hand once Ramona made her debut. Tanya, my primary midwife for this birth, was also there as a helper during Ronin’s birth (My second birth, but first home birth!). There is something so special about having a midwife. Each appointment you have is at least an hour and it’s never rushed. You not only get to know one another, but you want to get to know each other and you grow close. You fall in love with these ladies who are there during pregnancy and in birth. You just develop this bond and closeness throughout the whole experience, especially during the birth. I have such a love for Tanya and I know she will always have a special place in my heart. I actually had a bit of separation anxiety from her!! Sounds funny, but in all seriousness it’s true.

After birth was over and I was coming down from the adrenaline, I asked Tanya if she would stay with me and she did just as I rested a few minutes. Throughout it all, she is always more than willing to help me in any way and there’s never a question too ridiculous or a worry too small for her to help with. Truthfully, I could never say enough for not only her, but other midwives who have helped in my previous birth as well. Such amazing ladies with such beautiful souls. It has been such an honor to work with them & an even bigger honor to form a relationship with them!

Photo creds: Alexis-Faith Hill and Brandon Cortez, shared with permission.